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The Yahoo Equine Cushing's Syndrome Group is your primary
source on the www for the latest information on Cushing's.  Hats
off to the kind people who keep that site up and running!

You can find the Group at:

Yahoo Equine Cushing's Syndrome Group

...be sure to bookmark this site and make it part of your to-do
list, so that you can keep up on the most recent information and
treatment for Equine Cushing's Syndrome.
Cushing's is usually a disease found in
older horses, though there have been
some cases as young as three years old
Although the normal "tip off" is that
your horse's winter coat does not shed
out, there are quite a few other signs,
including cresty neck, frequent urination,
excessive thirst, loss of topline, big belly
The Cushing's Diet is not just a
recommendation, it is a MUST - in its
most basic terms, think of it as a no-carb,
no-sugar diet and go from there, but be
sure to check out the diet on the Yahoo
Equine Cushing's Syndrome Group!

Loff, Willem xoxox